Lake Worth Beach

An easygoing enclave worth discovering

With “Lake and Beach” in its name, it’s a sure bet that Lake Worth Beach offers all the water-soaked fun you’re after on a Florida vacation. This seven-square-mile city is wedged between some of the most action-packed waterways in The Palm Beaches, and its revitalized downtown has its own distinct charms worth discovering.  

The palm-dotted streets of downtown Lake Worth Beach are lined with eclectic boutiques, art galleries, antiques stores and restaurants with plenty of local flavor. Quaint bed-and-breakfasts are tucked into quiet side streets, and there’s even a historic playhouse that hosts everything from ballet to Broadway. Colorful events pack the streets throughout the year, from the Lake Worth Beach Street Painting Festival to Palm Beach Pride, one of the biggest LGBTQ celebrations in the region.

Just across Lake Worth Lagoon – a boater’s playground that stretches all the way to West Palm Beach – are postcard-perfect shores, a new fishing pier and restaurants on the beach that afford endless views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

To the west, see a local side of Florida at Lake Osborne. You can fish this well-stocked freshwater lake, with boat launching ramps and fishing piers at John Prince Memorial Park. Or, settle in and stay awhile: there’s a lovely campground complete with volleyball and tennis courts, grills and just about everything else you need to rough it in Palm Beaches style.

Golf lovers can also sink a birdie at one of Lake Worth’s golf courses. Established in 1926, the Lake Worth Beach Golf Club offers superb views of the beach and surrounding areas. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze while you sink a birdie at one of Lake Worth Beach’s most iconic courses. When you’re done, mosey on over to The Beach Club for some delicious fish tacos or a signature grilled avocado. 


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What is Lake Worth Beach, FL known for?

Lake Worth Beach is known as the artsiest of Florida’s Palm Beaches. There, you’ll find art galleries, recording studios, and dance theaters galore.

Does Lake Worth Beach, Florida have a beach?

Lake Worth Beach is home to the stunning Lake Worth Beach Park, which is a great spot for swimming, suntanning, and sandcastle building.

Does Lake Worth Beach, Florida have a downtown?

To go with the rest of the town’s artistic vibe, Lake Worth Beach has a downtown area with an artsy atmosphere – complete with art galleries, music venues, and even a historic theater. The heart of downtown is on Lake Avenue, between Highway 1 and Highway 5.

Does Lake Worth Beach, Florida have clear water?

The beaches in Lake Worth Beach have beautiful, clear waters, making it an ideal place for a beach vacation.

Does Lake Worth Beach, Florida have a boardwalk?

There are a couple of boardwalks in Lake Worth Beach. First, Lake Worth Beach Park is home to a beautiful boardwalk that also connects to the Lake Worth Pier. And just across Lake Worth Lagoon lies a second walkway, the Snook Islands Boardwalk.

Is Lake Worth Beach, Florida walkable?

Lake Worth Beach is moderately walkable and bikeable. For the most part, it is possible to get around without a car, especially with the help of the city’s public transportation options.

Is Lake Worth Beach, Florida good for a family vacation?

Lake Worth Beach is a fantastic destination for families. Beautiful shells, delicious ice cream, fun playgrounds, and lovely nature preserves are just a few of the kid-friendly highlights.

How accessible to airports is Lake Worth Beach, Florida?

The nearest airport to Lake Worth Beach is Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), which is only 8 miles away. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA) are both relatively close as well.

What public transportation options are in Lake Worth Beach, Florida?

There are two main public transportation options that wind through Lake Worth Beach, Florida: Palm Tran and Tri-Rail. Palm Tran is a bus system that runs through all of Palm Beach County (and a little bit beyond), including Lake Worth Beach. Tri-Rail is a commuter rail line that runs all the way from Miami, through Lake Worth Station, and up to Riviera Beach.

What is the best time of year to visit Lake Worth Beach, Florida?

Winter is widely regarded as the best time of year to visit Lake Worth Beach, Florida, due to the sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.

What is the history of Lake Worth Beach, Florida?

As with many Floridian towns, Native American tribes settled in Lake Worth Beach long before anyone else. But it wasn’t until 1885,when a couple named Samuel and Fannie James were put Lake Worth Beach on U.S. maps. Over the years, the town tried on quite a few names, settling on Lake Worth Beach in 2019.

What are the main draws / top attractions / top things to do in Lake Worth Beach, Florida?

Since Lake Worth Beach is known for its artistic vibe, it should come as no surprise to find out that the best things to do in Lake Worth all fall into that vein. First and foremost, don’t miss a show at the Lake Worth Playhouse. This community theater puts on incredible shows like NewsiesFootloose, and Fiddler on the Roof.

If you happen to be around in February, the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is definitely something you’ll want to add to your itinerary. During this event, hundreds of artists come and “paint” the pavement in Lake Worth Beach with chalk. And the result – which only lasts until the next time it rains – is absolutely magical.

Additionally, Lake Worth Beach is home to Palm Beach County’s largest gay & lesbian visibility event: Palm Beach Pride. Held in march, the family-friendly event features vendors, music, food, and drinks.